About Me

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I became a photographer almost by coincidence, a very fortunate one, I have to say. After High School I graduated as a physical therapist, worked in that profession and wrote magazine articles about health and well being. While writing the articles, I worked closely with many photographers and soon became interested in the visual arts.

When living in America I would have gladly accepted any of the many physical therapist positions available at the time. It was unfortunate my education wasn’t valid there. I was advised to get back to school. I did this, but in a completely different field.

Photography, and learning it, was a lot more challenging than I had expected. It provided many magical moments and after numerous failures often lead to a great sense of satisfaction. I am grateful to my teachers Mr. Jones, Blue, Jim and Ford. The school assignments were challenging and frustrating, and were rated with a magnifying glass. Then again, since graduating, I have had the confidence to perform well in any type of assignment. As a fairwell gift just before leaving the US, in the Millard Sheets Photography Student’s Exhibition, I was awarded First Prize in the landscape series and a finalist position in photo journalisms as well as documentary.

During the last ten years I have had a chance to show my passion with many different kinds of photography. I have worked for newspapers and magazines, private persons, several companies, theaters and artists. I have had private students and held several photography classes for women in the Arts andf Skills Institute of Saudi Arabia.

Even with my busy schedule, I have not given up on physical therapy. I still conduct a few classes and teach tai-chi on a regular basis.

I spend a lot of my spare time in the nature wandering through its beauty.

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